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Let’s go fishing or even better, let’s go camping! We have limitless applications to our different activities. Come and join us!

Therapeutic Camps

We have Play Therapy & other Camps for children that struggle to relate to their peers.

Natural Highs

Specialty Program, Building Trust & Hope.

Get Hooked on Fishing

Specialty Program, Building Trust & Hope through fishing.

Who we are

The New Children’s Pathways team consists of a number of registered professionals and very skilled volunteers. All the people involved with New Children’s Pathways are motivated by the smiles on the children’s faces.

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What we do

We currently identify children who are living in very challenging environments in the wider Brisbane, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba, Logan and Gold Coast areas.

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A message from our founder

The New Pathways Team is committed to developing services for young people in Australia. These services should be able to enrich the lives of young people in Australia.

What are we up to

The activities we run are aimed at helping them cope with difficult life situations. We aim to reverse adverse childhood experiences.

Beach day

25 October, 2019

New Children’s Pathways Documents

24 October, 2019

New Children’s Pathways breakfast club

23 October, 2019

Nice to each other

21 October, 2019

Yoga class fun!

20 October, 2019


16 October, 2019

Why do we do what we do?

15 October, 2019

Great day again today, cinema & Costco!

13 October, 2019

Another Saturday in the bag!

12 October, 2019

Another great day down at the New Children’s Pathways youth group in Lowood.

05 October, 2019

Fishing fun!

29 September, 2019

The knock on effect of the work we do at times is immeasurable.

27 September, 2019

Great day today at Australia Zoo.

24 September, 2019

Pilot Youth Club Project

24 August, 2019

Regional Youth Mental Health Forum hosted at Lowood High School.

08 August, 2019

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If you think you have what it takes to put a smile on the faces of the kids we have the privilege to work with, get involved today!

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