September 2019


Fishing fun!

Day planned 2 weeks in advance……..volunteer issues, boat battery won’t charge, high winds forecast. Doesn’t stop us !!! Another great day despite some minor setbacks.


The knock on effect of the work we do at times is immeasurable.

The New Children’s Pathways team don’t expect any huge praise for our attempts. We don’t do this type of work to feed our ego’s. We definitely don’t do it for money or material reward. Got a message from a parent today, who by allowing their child to be part of the New Children’s Pathways has developed themselves as a parent.

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Great day today at Australia Zoo.

Big thanks to our current student “Laura” for helping me out today with my group. Pick ups started at 7 and we both only got home at 9pm. That’s a huge effort even by my own standards. Putting smiles on kids faces the New Pathways way.