Natural Highs

Natural Highs

Natural Highs, is a youth prevention focused activity. This program can be delivered for all ages, fitness levels, medical conditions and personal needs.

This program is used with pre-teen and teenagers who may be at risk of experimental use or have engaged in experimental AOD use.

The program uses natural activities in order to mimic the body’s physiological responses to using substances and allows young people to identify that you don’t need substances to feel good.

Whilst completing activities young people are supported by volunteers to explore AOD use and allow participants to draw the link between poor choices (such as smoking cannabis) in comparison to positive choices (exercise & good health choices).

The results that this intervention has yielded demonstrates that this is one of the successful for the children who have been engaged with the program.

This program has been run previously in the UK and the New Children’s pathways team is hoping that with some funding support, we would be in a position to increase participation levels and involve a University in order to gather some empirical evidence around this program. As an Organisation using this program we have already been able to divert young people away from using tobacco, alcohol and cannabis through this program.

We are seeking a local business or funding body to invest in this program in order to increase participation levels. Please feel free to get in touch via [email protected]

If you are an undergraduate looking for a dissertation proposal or a researcher please feel free to get in touch with [email protected]

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